In partnership with the MadCap comedy theater in Westminister, CWC is very excited to present two special exclusive events.  On both July 13th and August 14th MadCap will be hosting a special comedy night with all proceeds going to Cold Weather Care.

Throughout the 2015-2016 winter season Cold Weather Care provided shelter for 15 families in need and 15 individuals. A total of 77 people were able to stay out of the cold and feed themselves and their families through this last winter due to donations from events like this.

But CWC is much more than just a place to stay and a place to eat, it’s a place of love and a way to get back on your feet. 70% of households left CWC last season into housing and 63.6% of adults left with jobs. So your donations do make a difference!

Come Join CWC for an exclusive night of fun, laughter and helping our communities homeless population. For more info and event tickets visit:

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